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Welcome to the homepage of GIVEAWAY NEWS. Giveaway News is an on-line trade magazine distributed in German focusing on Promotional Articles and all kinds of product Ideas for the Advertising Industry. We're very much delighted about your visit! Currently Giveaway News is only being distributed in German, however you are more than welcome to write to us in English as we are intending to provide international (English) articles in future issues of the magazine. Our email is: redaktion@giveaway-news.com The on-line publication for Promotional Items for the Marketing-, Advertising- and Trade-Industries Giveaway News – the online trade magazine about creating a direct link between the manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of promotional articles. Through compiling all valuable information in one spot the online magazine Giveaway News and our website www.Giveaway-News.com are the ultimate platform for all things in advertisment to get your product out to the right target group The advantages of using Giveaway News is: ■ detailed background information about the manufacture and supply of promotional articles ■ timesaving through short and accurate coverage of the newest products on the market ■ Get ahead through exclusive offers and interviews from our manufacturers directly